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What are the Three Gunas?

What are the Three Gunas?

Gunas are an ancient way to understand how life works. In Samkhya philosophy, the material universe is referred to as prakriti. Every aspect of prakriti is shaped by the connection of the three gunas. The three gunas are known as Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

Sattva is experienced as stillness, balance, harmony, and clarity. Emotional states associated with Sattva include happiness, joy, peace, love, freedom, friendliness, openness, creativity, fulfilment and inspiration.

Rajas is movement, activity, agitation and desire. Rajasic states include passion, alertness, determination, self-centeredness, anxiety, restlessness, anger, greed and worry.

Tamas is the densest of the three qualities and experienced as inertia, obscuration, inactivity and fear. Tamasic states include laziness, doubt, sadness, hurt, shame, boredom, and ignorance.