About the Author: Sunita Mistry Shah


Sunita is the creator behind The Jai Jais, a growing collection of books, yoga/mindfulness and educational resources for children centred around Hindu gods and goddesses.

Sunita has blended her expertise as a speech and language therapist with her children’s natural curiosity about their faith to produce the collection for children of all ages and backgrounds. She was always a book worm…and her house is full of books, she has two young boys; story time is still a treasured time of the day with her children.

Sunita’s spark to create books about Hindu characters was ignited when her eldest son, Syon who began asking questions about the temple in her home. He would talk about the elephant god, the monkey god and the powerful fork ‘trident’ of Lord Shiva which he thought was like King Triton from The Little Mermaid.

Sunita admitted she would often ‘make up’ stories from memory and from what her 100-year-old grandfather and mother had taught her, but this never seemed to be enough. 

Hunting around, she realised that while there were a few books for school-aged children and beyond, resources for pre-school children were scarce. That is when she decided to write my own.  She wanted to develop a book which was suitable for his age with relatable imagery.

The books have been well received across the generations. A special moment was seeing her 100-year-old grandfather sitting with her three-year-old son reading and talking about the characters in the books.  It was precious to see how grandparents can be so involved and have a common focus with their grandchildren, bridging the generation gap.

While being a mother gave her the thirst to produce the books, her background in speech and language therapy armed her with the essential ingredients to write for children. Sunita is the National Advisor for the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy and deliver training to the NHS and educational and private establishments on supporting bilingual children.

Sunita started researching and wrote her first book about the elephant-headed Ganesh which was released in 2015. Using the power of social media, Sunita advertised for an illustrator, and was introduced to James Ballance who worked in a special needs school with children with severe difficulties. It was a divine connection, and eighteen books later, James continues to work his magic with The Jai Jais.

Sunita is passionate about children not growing up too fast and enjoying their childhood, creating memories and interactions that will last a lifetime.