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Begin your journey with The Jai Jais

The Jai Jais are a series of books created as a modern way of introducing children aged 0-12 years to Hindu gods and goddesses, and Hindu Festivals. The books use clear and simple language with beautiful, contemporary imagery to capture the child’s attention and imagination. 

The collection is intended to grow with your child by having them divided into four series, with these suggested age ranges:

The Jai Jais Baby Series, 0-2 years

The Main series, 2-4 years

The Festivals Collection, 4-6 years

The Legends Collection, 6 years +

Come and join the Jai Jais journey and learn more about the ancient and fascinating world of Hindu gods and goddesses!


I recently ordered the two new Hanuman and Laxmi books as I already had the first two and my daughter absolutely loves them and recites them word to word . Thank you for such lovely and easy books to read for a toddler xx

Priya Khetani

My lil one absolutely loves these books and so do I! I love that he learns of our religion in such a fun way! I’m looking forward to many more books to come! Good Luck!

Kavitha Luxmi T Tharsan

My little girl loves her collection of the Jai Jais. Such vibrant colours and easy to read. Sunita keep up the fab work and James... get illustrating...can't wait for our collection to grow!

Sheetal Peshavaria Raval

Got home and was excited to see that the hanuman books had come today, I can't wait to read it with my nieces! Such a great addition to the collection! Thank you! 😊 x

Jayna Mistry

I ordered the book set as a Diwali gift for our 3 month old niece, to celebrate Sonam's 1st Diwali. Love the books, so simple and brilliantly illustrated.
Excellent books and highly recommended!!

Nisha Chauhan

Fantastic book my 5 year old loves them...lost of family and friends are excited about the books. Great purchase.

Viharika Patel Vara

What a great, easy to read, engaging collection of books! Each book has fantastic illustrations to accompany the story that our kids enjoy reading over and over again! Will be getting them for my nieces as I know they'll love them too.

Sujan Nadarajah

Brilliant range can't wait to order the new book. Love the calendar! Great service x

Bina Chauhan

Inspiring for grown ups and kids. A nice way to pass values and make kids aware of culture and mythology. Kudos to Sunita for her efforts and thought in making her imagination a reality.

Shweta Sandeep Lamba

Blog posts

How was Rama Born?

How was Rama Born?

Extract from The Jai Jais Legends Series “Ramayana”

Thousands of years ago, there lived a great king called Dasharatha in the beautiful city of Ayodhya, the capital of the kingdom of Kosala in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He was known for his loyalty to the gods and his bravery in battle; he had helped the gods in their fight against many fierce and strong demons, a privilege that was granted to only a few mortals. King Dashratha’s people loved him dearly as he was kind and fair. The kingdom was happy and prosperous, but King Dasharatha was filled with deep sadness; even though he had a wonderful kingdom and three wives, he had no heir to the throne, and was becoming older.

What is the Sudarshan Chakra?

What is the Sudarshan Chakra?

The Sudarshan Chakra a spinning, disk-like weapon. Sudarshan Chakra is derived from two words ‘su’ and ‘darshan’. It Sanskrit it means auspicious (su) vision (darshan). Sudarshan means ‘Divine Vision’. Chakra is derived from ‘chruhu’, which denotes ‘movement’. It is used by Vishnu and Krishna. Sudarshan Chakra is described as the most powerful weapon of the cosmos, rivalled only by Shiva's trident. It adorns Lord Vishnu's index finger like a ring, and has miraculous powers. Today we tell you the Jai Jais Way some interesting facts about Sudarshan Chakra that are described in Vishnu Purana.
What is a Rudraksha?

What is a Rudraksha?

Rudraksha’ has its origin in the Sanskrit words, ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksha’. ‘Rudra’ is another name for Lord Shiva, and ‘aksha’ means teardrop. The relation to Lord Shiva is from the Shiva Purana. He was once in deep meditation, with an aim to bring happiness to all living creatures. When he had finished his meditation tears fell on the earth, which became the Rudraksha seed.