Begin your journey with The Jai Jais

The Jai Jais are a series of books created as a modern way of introducing children aged 0-12 years to Hindu gods and goddesses, and Hindu Festivals. The books use clear and simple language with beautiful, contemporary imagery to capture the child’s attention and imagination. 

The collection is intended to grow with your child by having them divided into four series, with these suggested age ranges:

The Jai Jais Baby Series, 0-2 years

The Main series, 2-4 years

The Festivals Collection, 4-6 years

The Legends Collection, 6 years +

Come and join the Jai Jais journey and learn more about the ancient and fascinating world of Hindu gods and goddesses!


I recently ordered the two new Hanuman and Laxmi books as I already had the first two and my daughter absolutely loves them and recites them word to word . Thank you for such lovely and easy books to read for a toddler xx

Priya Khetani

My lil one absolutely loves these books and so do I! I love that he learns of our religion in such a fun way! I’m looking forward to many more books to come! Good Luck!

Kavitha Luxmi T Tharsan

My little girl loves her collection of the Jai Jais. Such vibrant colours and easy to read. Sunita keep up the fab work and James... get illustrating...can't wait for our collection to grow!

Sheetal Peshavaria Raval

Got home and was excited to see that the hanuman books had come today, I can't wait to read it with my nieces! Such a great addition to the collection! Thank you! 😊 x

Jayna Mistry

I ordered the book set as a Diwali gift for our 3 month old niece, to celebrate Sonam's 1st Diwali. Love the books, so simple and brilliantly illustrated.
Excellent books and highly recommended!!

Nisha Chauhan

Fantastic book my 5 year old loves them...lost of family and friends are excited about the books. Great purchase.

Viharika Patel Vara

What a great, easy to read, engaging collection of books! Each book has fantastic illustrations to accompany the story that our kids enjoy reading over and over again! Will be getting them for my nieces as I know they'll love them too.

Sujan Nadarajah

Brilliant range can't wait to order the new book. Love the calendar! Great service x

Bina Chauhan

Inspiring for grown ups and kids. A nice way to pass values and make kids aware of culture and mythology. Kudos to Sunita for her efforts and thought in making her imagination a reality.

Shweta Sandeep Lamba

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Why Should We Read to Our Babies?

Why Should We Read to Our Babies?

A baby is more likely to try to put a book in their mouth than to turn its pages, this is why our Baby Jai Jais board books are so robust! For little hands and mouths. This doesn't mean it's too soon to make reading a part of your little one's routine. Experts say exposing babies to books in the first year is crucial to their intellectual and emotional growth. In fact, research shows that reading to infants can help jump-start brain development and can even make them more receptive to learning and developing language.

“Reading a book to your new-born is a one-on-one activity that you can really turn into a special time with your baby,” says Mary Ann Abrams, Medical Director. “It exposes the baby to the sound of your voice, which is soothing for them.” Research has shown that reading to babies can help parents develop the bond with your child and feelings of intimacy.

Let's find out more why we should read to out babies and also some fun tips to engage babies with books.  

Let’s Celebrate the Makar Sankranti

Let’s Celebrate the Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is known as the ‘Kite Flying Festival’, it falls on the 14th January every year. It is a very auspicious day. It is dedicated to the Lord of the Sun. To Hindus, the sun stands for knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom. It refers to a specific solar day in the Hindu calendar. On this day, the sun enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn or ‘Makar’ which marks the end of winter month and start of longer days. On Makar Sankranti, the sun begins its journey northward.
Although this harvest festival is celebrated on the same day across the India, it is celebrated in different regions, with different traditions that highlight the rich and vibrant cultural of each place. Find out more in our blog.
Let us keep our kite soaring higher and higher through our positive thoughts, actions and attitude. Makar Sankranti signifies that we should turn away from the darkness, and begin to let the light within us shine bright. We should grow in purity, wisdom and knowledge just as the sun does from this day. Sun stands for all ideals; its message is that of light, unity, equality and true selflessness.
Find out more about the festival, The Jai Jais Way.
Happy Kite Flying
What is Lohri?

What is Lohri?

Lohri is celebrated on the 13th January each year.  The Punjabi festival of Lohri marks the end of winter and is traditionally associated with harvest of the Rabi crop. All the farmers get together in order to thank god for giving them such a wonderful harvest. The day after Lohri is “Maghi” the Punjabi farmers financial New Year.

The rituals related to Lohri symbolise the attachment of the people with Mother Nature. The period between January 13 and July 14 is considered prosperous by Hindus. According to the Bhagawad Gita, Krishna manifests himself 'in his full magnificence' during this time. It has been also told that Holika and Lohri were sisters. While the former perished in the Holi fire, the latter survived with Prahlad, the story of Holi.

So what is Lohri and how is it celebrated?