About the Jai Jais

From earliest memories of standing in front of a Hindu temple to observing parents with their children in the modern day... the same words echo “Do Jai Jai”. In a simple translation it means “Let’s pray”.

The Jai Jais is a series of books created for children to meet Hindu Gods and Goddesses. They are aimed at children aged 0-12 years, and provide parents with a framework to introduce their children to the religion.

There are currently approximately 1 billion Hindus in the world today which make up about 15% of the world’s religious population, but you do not have to be a Hindu to enjoy these playful characters. We live in such a multi-cultural society that these books offer a fun way to learn about Hinduism.

The stories have been written by a UK based paediatric Speech and Language Therapist, with characters brought to life by our British illustrator. The books have been presented to a Hindu priest and scholar, who has verified the stories and characters to be correct according to Hindu beliefs.

We hope our books will be loved by the whole family and become a treasured feature of story time. These beautifully created, unique characters, with their simple story lines will whisk your child away to a world of imagination and wonder that will last a lifetime.

The children will fall in love with their Gods and Goddesses..... Their new super heroes.