About the Illustrator: James Ballance


James Ballance is an illustrator from South Devon now currently working in London. He attended University of the West Of England where he studied BA in Illustration with Animation.

He has worked on various projects including animation, computer games, advertising, magazines, and children's books. He made the connection with Sunita whilst at a special needs school where he worked.

James has found working on these books a great experience. Not only has it given him the opportunity to explore the many wonders of Hinduism, but more importantly to him, to be a part of encouraging diversity within western cultures. 

James' reason for choosing illustration comes from a lifelong love of telling stories, and to communicate what the written word cannot. As an illustrator he has developed a varied style from friendly preschool to dark comic book. He also works in a variety of mediums including pen and ink, sculpture, animation, and photoshop. He also creates sculptures of characters from popular culture which he sells, along with his own artwork, at fairs and conventions.

He enjoys creating fun and exciting characters that take you to weird and wonderful places.

 You can see more of his work below...


 Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/portalimmortalUK 


 Website: jamesballance.myportfolio.com


 Facebook: /jamesballanceartprints


 Instagram:   james_ballance_uk