Why do Hindus Worship Trees?

Hindus have also paid great respect to trees and other plants as they are the foundation of life. In Hindu religious texts such as the Puranas great importance has been shown to trees and plants, equating them with Gods. It has been written to treat them as members of the family. Scientists have stated that trees and plants are living beings.

In the Rid-Veda 6.48.17 its says, “Do not trouble tree. Do not uproot or cut them. They provide protection to animals, birds and other living beings”

According to religious scriptures when people plant and care for trees, those are reborn as their children. Those who give trees for charity pleases the gods, which is shown through flowers and fruit. Trees can provide shelter. God has created them for the welfare of living beings. They face the sun and can protect those who come under their shade.

We cannot also discount the number of saints and sages who have offered prayers and been in deep meditation under trees. Trees just keep giving.

During “Vat Savitri” ladies offer prayers to the Banyan tree. It is believed to provide the fulfilment of wishes and provide material gains. According to the Agni Purana, the Banyan tree is symbolic of fertility and can provide help to those who want children. 

The leaves of the Banana tree are also used to serve food as they are considered pure and clean. It is also said that the Kalpavriksh known as the wishing tree came from the Samudramanthan. Prayers are offered to the Ashoka tress to end sorrow. Prayers are offered to the Amla tree in the month of Kartik as it is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in this tree. The leaves of the mango tress are used in pujas. Lakshmi, is also found to reside within a tree – the sacred fig tree.

Shitala Ma (the goddess of poxes) is considered to reside within a neem tree. Neem has been used to treat an array of poxes and other illnesses for many centuries, as a result the neem tree is considered sacred.

Rudra, the storm god, and who is now seen as perhaps interchangeable with Shiva, is also linked with the rudraksha tree For this reason, those who worship Shiva will often adorn themselves with mala made with seeds of the rudraksha tree. 

It is believed that the trimurti, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside in the Peepal tree. The roots Brahma, the bark Vishnu, and the branches Shiva, one is blessed when offering prayers and water. Also the Tusli plant is greatly revered I wrote a blog on this before which I will share on stories.

Did you know we had a forest Goddess Aranyani? I wrote about her last year check out our blogs Today is internal forest day, our planet needs our trees for many many reasons.

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