The Jai Jais Yoga and Mindfulness Cards - Premium Pack - The Jai Jais

The Jai Jais Yoga and Mindfulness Cards - Premium Pack

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The Jai Jais Yoga Discovery, Yoga and Mindfulness Cards are a pack of 26 cards for children. Each card depicts a different yoga pose for every letter of the alphabet. The pack is also aimed at assisting teachers, parents, and yoga teachers in introducing children to the world of yoga. 

The front of the cards shows vibrant images of Hindu gods and goddesses, which represent the origins of yoga. The back features a list of chakras related to each pose, and a mantra to help children remember each move. The back also includes a second image of a child in the pose for further reference. The pack is aimed at parents, teachers, and yoga teachers in order to aid them in opening up the world of yoga to children. Allowing them to develop their own interest in the practice. 

The cards are accompanied by a 44-page guide which offers tips and advice on how parents and teachers can incorporate the cards into everyday life.

Explore, express and evolve with The Jai Jais Yoga Discovery cards.

Reasons why the Jai Jais Yoga & Mindfulness Cards help our children:


  • Empowering your children to be fit, calmer, more confident and tolerant.
  • Assisting your children in improving focus and concentration skills and help with being resilient.
  • Helping your children to engage in activities with siblings and parents.
  • Encourages your children to move away from TVs, smart phones and tablets.
  • Bridges generational and cultural gaps.
  • It is an easy and useful visual resource for schools and Yoga teachers.
  • Helps promote Hindu tradition/origins of Yoga spiritual connection to your children.

Consists of

Jai Jais Yoga Card Premium Pack (26 Cards) (120 x 87mm). Presented in a sturdy gift box, with lid and more durable cards.

44 page Guide Booklet (120 x 187mm)