Mahavir - The Jai Jais
Mahavir - The Jai Jais
Mahavir - The Jai Jais


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Have you heard of a Tirthankar? 

 In Jain tradition anyone has the power to be a god, but every now and then there are a few special gods that are born into this world. 

 These are known as the Tirthankars. They spread their knowledge and wisdom around the world, so that many others can follow their path to true happiness.

 This is the story of the twenty-fourth and last Tirthankar of this time cycle –Lord Mahavir.

£1 from every Mahavir book bought from the website goes to the Anthony Nolan trust. This charity is helping in the search for a stem cell donor for the co-author's son, who needs a stem cell transplant soon. You can find out more about their campaign and how you can help by heading to