Why Do We Worship Surya?

The oldest Indian scripture, the Rig Veda, describes Surya in a Vedic mantra as the ultimate source of light as well as the origin of the universe. So who is Surya Dev? He is the god of the sun. The sun is the ultimate source of energy and life on Earth. If worshipped on a Sunday he will grant your wishes, worship him daily and be blessed with success, health and prosperity. He can remove all kinds of problems in life.

Worshipping Surya Dev one can gain peace of mind and knowledge to achieve success. Also worship to Surya Dev can eliminate negative energies, and keep peace and harmony in the home, improving communication. Overcoming fears and self-doubt.

One of the most important things to offer Surya Dev is water, after sunrise and before sunset. When offering water the vessel must be made of copper.  Copper is traditionally used in holy rituals because of its many qualities. The coppers vibrations radiate positive energy making the environment more Satvik.  Surya Dev also likes copper.

When offering water hold the vessel in two hands. Other things dear to Surya Dev to offer are vermillion, jaggery, rice, and flowers. Make sure the water does not fall at your feet hold the vessel away from your body. If the sun is hidden behind clouds, make the offering towards the East, at the time the sunrises.

Chanting mantras raises good vibrations, making you feel present with your surroundings.  You can chant the Surya Dev, and also just as important the Gayatri Mantra.

Surya Dev is depicted as riding a chariot drawn by seven horses. These horses signify the seven chakras of the human body and the 7 colours of the rainbow. He carries a lotus (a symbol of life), a conch-shell, Chakra (discus), and Gadha (mace). Surya enjoys a higher rank than many other Gods as he has the power to nurture life on earth and to heal ailments. Surya is regarded as an eye of the Virata Purusha (The universal form or Supreme Being) by Hindus. Saints, humans, asuras, and rakshasas worship Surya, who is one of the five supreme Gods.

It is said in the Rig-Veda: that ‘The Sun is the soul of all that moves or doesn’t move.’ Without the Sun, there will be no creation, and nothing can exist on earth. So the Sun has the stature of a God, and that is why people worship him.

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