Why do we avoid touching books with our feet?

As a child and even with both of my children we were always told never touch a book with our feet.  If by accident we stepped on a book we would always apologise.  Recently my youngest stepped on a book whilst playing and my eldest son Syon said, “Dhiyan say sorry you just stood a book.. say sorry to Saraswati books give you knowledge”.  I had not even told him that he must have got it from the Jai Jais lol!! This is what my belief and teachings actually has been, but I wanted to know more and find out The Jai Jais Way.

Hindus have always regarded knowledge as sacred and divine. Knowledge must be given the upmost respect at all times. Feet can be considered to be one of the most unclean part of our body a great effort is made to avoid steeping over someone, food, utensils or books. In Hinduism so many objects have their signs and symbolism which I am learning more and more about. Touching books or another human with your feet is considered the same as disrespecting the god or goddess within him or her. Yet in my previous blog I write about touching feet to seek blessings and connecting with the elder person. It is a custom to refrain from touching books, papers, money or people with your feet

As Syon has said and what my family taught me it is disrespectful to touch books with your feet, and has he made Dhiyan, so he made him join his hands and apologise to Goddess Saraswati. Apologising not just to the book but also Goddess Saraswati, the goddess or knowledge.

One thing I have learnt about my own personal Jai Jais journey is how. Hinduism personifies virtually every aspect of life. The wind is not just air blowing from high pressure to low pressure. It is a god, Vayudeva. The sun is not just a great nuclear reaction in space. It is the sun god, Suryadeva. Similarly, the rain is a god, the moon is a god, all the planets are gods and every other aspect of reality is subject to personification. Therefore, all things of learning: papers, books, musical instruments, pens, typewriters and even computers can be seen as an aspects of the Goddess of learning, Saraswati Devi. (Ref: The Modern Vedic)

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