What is Naagmani?

Have you heard of a Naagmani?, it is also know as a snake stone.  One of the things I am finding researching and writing these posts is the wonders of all these things and their symbolism, and origins. Its is also known as snake pearl…. But what are they?

Naagmani is mentioned in many Hindu Scriptures, like Garuda Puranam, Brihat Sahinta, Rajavallbha as well. Vrahamihira (505-587) who was a famous astrologer, mathematician and astronomer in Ujjain wrote in his Brihat Sahinta. According to these texts the Manidhari Naags exist in this world.

Naagmani is found on the hood of a significant snake which according to the Purana can be Sheshgnaag, Vasuki and Takshak.

The snakes born in the clan of Taksak and Vasuki, are believed to carry a lustrous, shiny stone on their hoods, in their mouth or on their tails, which radiates green, blue or yellow coloured light, this is called Naagmani. It posses an unusually glow that illuminates its surroundings. It is believed that the person who carries the Naagmani will not be affected by any kind of poison.

Some people also believe that Naagmani is formed when rain droplets enters mouth of King Cobra during Swati nakshatra.  It is formed in the hood of King Cobra. Naagamani is said to have blessings of Lord Shiva. However, possessing Naagmani is not  easy, as King Cobra never discloses Naagmani.

The mystery of Nag Mani is still unresolved. Many things have been said about Naagmani in greatness. It is said whoever owns Naagmani, will have great fortune regarding money, health and fame. It  fulfils all the desires of the person who possess it. According to Puranas, King Cobra will die once it gets detached from Naagmani.

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