What is Karva Chauth?

In a religion, where festivals form the essence of life. The colour and the vibrancy. The deep and meaningful symbolism behind the festivals we celebrate, Karva Chauth is no exception. The word Karva Chauth has a specific meaning. Karva means earthen pot while chauth means fourth. Karwa Chauth is about making offerings to the moon using Karva. Karva Chauth the festival of happiness and togetherness celebrated by married as well as unmarried women, for the long life of their husbands and partners. As per the Hindu traditions in any festival that celebrates the bond of marriage or love, worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Paravti is an essential part of the rituals. Unlike other festivals, this festival is more about following rituals, observing fasts and the best part is dressing up like a newly-wed bride and worshipping the moon. All these together make this festival a celebration of the bond of love
and marriage.

There are many stories associated with Karva Chauth.
(Ref: Raksha Paharia)
Another legend behind observing a fast for the well-being of your husband goes back to the Mahabharat-era. It is believed that Draupadi had also observed this fast for the safety and long life of her husbands. When Arjun had gone for penance in the Nilgris, the rest of the Pandavas faced many issues in his absence. That's when Draupadi remembered Lord Krishna for his help, who reminded her that on a similar situation earlier Goddess Parvati had kept a fast for Lord Shiva. Inspired by this, Draupadi too keeps a fast of Karva Chauth with all its rituals for her husbands. And consequently, the Pandavas are able to face their problems and overcome them.

Another story is of a devout wife Karwa. One day her husband was caught by a crocodile and sure to face death. Because of love for her husband she bound the crocodile with cotton yarn and asked Yamraj, the Lord of Death, to return the life of her husband. When Yamraj refused she threatened to curse him. Being afraid of her devotion Yamraj sent the crocodile to hell and blessed her husband with a long life. Such is the power of a wife’s devotion.

Happy Karva Chauth from The Jai Jais

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