What is Adhek Maas?

Adhik Maas, which means extra month is also known as Purushottam Maas. Adhik Maas is
considered very sacred. The story is associated with Lord Vishnu. In the Lunar year there were
only twelve months, and each month was assigned to a god… but what about Adhik Maas?
There was no god assigned to the extra lunar month.
It is considered a very auspicious period. Fasting once a day is considered an auspicious ritual.
Fasting and charitable acts this month will fetch a lot of positive results.

The Hindu Holy scripture mentions that our physical form is attributed to five elements Water,
Fire, Earth, Air, and Space and when meditation, yoga, worship and other religious acts are
done during this month then it balances these elements so that one moves towards
religiousness and prosperity in his life. It is the month to purify oneself from inside as well as

There is also a legend that Hiranyakashipu had asked for a boon that no man, animal or sura,
asura should cause his death; further he asked that he should not meet his death in any of
the twelve months of the year, in the morning or night, not inside the house nor outside, nor
by any weapon.
He thought he was being very clever. But the Supreme Lord Vishnu outwitted him and
appeared in Narasimha form (Half man half lion), in the evening, during Adhik Maas and
dragged Hiranyakashipu to the threshold of the palace (neither inside nor outside) and
destroyed him with his claws.

Adhik Maas is also known as Purushottama Maas. According to the lunar year, there were
only twelve months. Each of the twelve months was assigned to twelve gods. So that the lunar
and the solar years do not get out of step with days and seasons, the far-sighted Rishi-Munis
calculated and facilitated Adhik Maas (extra month) and showed its importance.

One problem still remained. Each of the twelve months was assigned to twelve different
gods. But the thirteenth extra month was not assigned to any god. Adhik Maas felt sad and
approached Lord Vishnu and said that no god was assigned to him (Adhik Maas) and for that
reason he was called Mal Maas (Unclean month). Adhik Maas further prayed to Lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu said that this month would be assigned to him. Lord Vishnu also gifted the Adhik
Maas with a boon, that whatever good deed a person does this month would get ten times
the rewards than that of a normal month.
The Puranas (Scriptures) also sing high praises about Adhik Maas and indicate puja, readings
of scriptures etc. during Adhik Maas. Selfless actions, without the expectations of results, are
to be performed during Adhik Maas. Mal Maas (Adhik Maas) is the month for Vishnu puja.
The recitation of Srimad Bhagavat Purana and of the Bhagavad Gita during this month
produce positive results. In addition to singing and listening to the praises of the Lord Vishnu

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