The Meaning Behind Mataji Aarti & Translation

Arti, (Hindi “the ceremony of lights”) Sanskrit “Aratrika”, in Hindu rituals is the offering of lighted divas before an image of a god or goddesses. In performing the ritual the worshiper circles the diva in a clockwise direction while chanting a prayer or singing a hymn. Aarti is one of the most frequently observed parts of both temple and home pooja. The god or goddess is honoured by the lighted ghee (clarified butter) or camphor and is protected by the invocation of the deities of the directions of the compass. 

As a little girl we sung the “Om Jai Jagdish Hare” (Aarti).  I learnt this from my parents and dearest grandparents.  My grandparents would recite this daily. Still to this day doing “Jai Jai” with my boys I remember every word, and they are learning the more we sing. 

During Navratri we would be so tired at the end of the night, but always be so attentive during the Mataji Aarti. We would look forward to prasad (offerings which would also be chocolate!!).  There was always something so spiritual and uplifting with the whole community friends and family praying together. Love, laughter and happiness filled the air.


We felt so blessed when we came across this translation from the Brahmin Society Luton.  An English Translation after every verse of Mataji’s Aarti, who knew what they meant, this is brilliant for the younger generation, we all sing it, but how many of us know who wrote it and the meaning behind the words. The words were originally composed on the banks of Narmada by a Surti poet Shivanand Vamdev Pandya who later became Swami Shivan.

Currently in the Covid climate worship has continued in many virtual platforms. Creating “The Jai Jais”, we know the importance of maintaining our religion, culture and roots for the next generation.  We felt it was important to share this wonderful translation so we and the next generation would know what this wonderful hymn signifies.

Mataji Aarti (Navratri)

Reference and thanks for a wonderful translation by The Brahmin Association Luton.

Jaya adya shakti, maa jaya adya shakti
Akhanda bramanda nipavya, akhanda bramanda nipavya
Padave panthe ma. om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

Maa, you are the Great Universal Mother. You are first to be born.
Born on the first day of last month, Aaso (Hindu calendar)
Praise be to you Maa Jagadambe

Dwitiya be swaroop, shiva shakti janu
Maa shiv shakti janu. brahma ganapati gaye x2 hara gaye
Hara ma. om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

You appear in the two forms of Shiv & Shakti (male/female, Shiva/Parvati).
You are praised by Brahma, Ganesh & Shiva

Trutiya trana swaroop, tribhuvana ma betha
Maa tribhuvana ma betha, trayastaki taraveni x2 tum
Taraveni ma. om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

You appear in the three forms of Kali, Maha Laxshmi & Saraswati
And rule over the three worlds (Heaven, Earth & Hell)

Chothe chatura maha lakshmi, meiyya sacharachara vyapya
Maa sacharachara vyapa x2 chara bhuja cho disha.
Pragatya dakshinaman. om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

You appear as Maha Laxshmi the four handed one, ruler of the universe.
Arising in the south from the churning of the ocean by Demi Gods and Demons

Panchami pancha rushi, panchami guna padma
Maa panchami guna padma pancha tatva tyan sohiye x2 panche tatvo ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

The five great rishis praise you, who sits upon the Lotus flower and
Have all five elements in you (fifth being Space/Infinity)

Shasti tum narayani mahishasura maryo
Maa mahishasura mahyo. nara nari na rupe x2 vyapya sarve ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

You are the destroyer of the form changing Mahisahasura demon,
You that are formless yourself, but you are also whole.

Saptame sapta patal sandhya savitri
Maa sandhya savitri. gau ganga gayatri x2 gauri gita ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

On The seventh day you are all seven of Sandhya (evening); Savitri (Brahma’s Wife);
Gau (cow); Ganga (river); Gayatri mata, Gairi (Parvati mata) & Gita (holy book)

Ashtami ashta bhuja aai ananda
Meiyya aai ananda sunivara munivara janamya x2 deve deitya ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

You appear as Saraswati the eight handed one full of happiness and pleasure.
Goddess of Knowledge. Praised by sages and demi gods.

Navami nava kul naga seve nava durga
Meiyya seve nava durga, navaratri na pujana. shivaratri na arachana
Kidhana hara brahma. om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

All nine generations of serpents (Kaal which is time and infinity) Serve you.
Especially during Navratri

Dashami dasha avatara jaya vijiya dashami
Meiyya jaya vijiya dashami. rama e rameramadya x2 ravana roryo ma
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

Tenth day of Vijaya Dashmi, Rama destroyed Ravan

Ekadashi agiyaras katya yani kama, maa katya yani kama
( kama durga kalika) x2 shyama ne rama.

Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

You appear as Katyani (Kali maa form) on the eleventh day to destroy evil and protect
your followers.

Barase bara rupa bahuchari amba ma, maa bahuchari amba ma.

Batuka bhairava sohiye. kara bhairava sohiye. tara che tujama
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

On the twelfth night you appear as Bauchar maa, a Maiden.
Praised and adored by Shiva’s Disciples (Batuk & Kara)

Terashe turaja rupa tum taruni mata. maa tum taruni mata
Brahma vishnu sada shiva x2 guna tara gata
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

The thirteenth day is devoted to you Turja maa the maiden who removes the
Cycle of Death & Rebirth and is praised by the Holy Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu & Shankar)

Chaudeshe chauda rup chandi chamunda. maa chandi chamunda
Bhava bhakti kaie aapo. chaturaie kaie aapo. siharavahani mata
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

On the fourteenth day you appear as the destroyer of the Demons Chand & Mund.
Give us your blessing of love, devotion and pure understanding

Puname kumbha bharyo sanbharajo karuna. maa sanbharajo karuna.
Vashishtha deve vakhanya, markanda muni e vakhanya. gai shubha kavita
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

On the fiftieth day (Poonam) Oh Great Mother have mercy upon us all.
The great sage Vashitha sings your praises

Savanta sora sattavan soraso bavisaman. maa soraso bavisaman
Savanta sore pragatyan x2 reva ne tire, maa ganga ne tire
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

(Hindu calendar) between 1622- 1657, you took the form of a mortal on
The banks of the Narmada river

Trambavati nagari aai rupavati nagari. maa manchavati nagari
Sora sahashra tyan sohiye x2 kshama karo gauri. maa dayaa karo gauri
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

Trambavati, Rupavati & Manchvati (legendary places of pilgrimage)
You have taken 16000 forms. Forgive us maa. Have mercy and pity upon us.

Shiva shakti ni aarti je koi gashe. maa je bhave gashe
Bhane shiva nanda swami x2 sukha sampatti thashe. har kaitashe ja se
Ma amba dukha harashe.

Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe

Whoever sings these verses will benefit from happiness, prosperity
And be liberated.

Eabe ek swaroop antara nava dharsho. maa antara nava dharsho
Bhora bhavani ne bhajata. amba ma ne bhajata. bhava sagara tarsho
Om jayo jayo ma jagadambe x3

Believe in Her in any of Her thousands of forms. You shall receive blessings
From your worship. Praise be to you Maa Jagadambe.

Happy Navratri from The Jai Jais Team




  • Beautifully translated the Gujarati arti of Maa adhya shakti .Thank you mahodyaji.

    Chandra shekhar
  • Thank you for the translation
    It is very important that we carry forward the rich knowledge of spirituality through all generations by bringing understanding the meanings of the all the scriptures (originally in Sanskrit).
    Maybe someone can create a dictionary of Sanskrit terms and religious terms/
    It is one thing to blindly chant, or glibly chant religious songs as most do, it is totally another thing to impart the meanings and its significant=ces to others and the generations to come.

    Shailesh Patel
  • Such a beautiful way whole aarti meaning coverd…

    Payal shah

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