The Jai Jais Visualisation


Meditation and visualisation can help children and teens relieve their stress and anxiety and improve self-esteem. Simple meditation and visualisation can calm the mind, body and spirit and help develop a positive attitude in any situation.

This meditation is for calming, soothing, and feeling serenity within.


Find a quiet place of your choice where you and your child can relax, somewhere safe, secure and without any interruptions. Let go of any worries for a deeply relaxing journey within your imagination. Allow your body to release, and sink into the floor, pillow, bed, or other soft comfortable space around you. You may also light a candle or play relaxing music in the background.

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath in, hold for a moment, and then slowly breathe out, sending all the air out of your lungs. Breathe in and out three times, letting go of any tension or tight places that might be within your body. Notice that you have become calm and relaxed. Now breathe normally while we start our journey of visualisation.


Imagine you are walking through a forest, the ground soft under your feet each step you take. Beams of light shimmer down through the trees. The forest is full of beautiful trees in all shades of green. They tower above your head, protecting you and keeping you safe on your journey. You can see the birds of paradise with rainbow feathers fly happily through the forest. The sweet sound of birds singing fills the air as you continue to walk with joy.

In the distance you hear a beautiful instrument playing in harmony with nature. You slowly follow the sound and realise it’s a flute. The music fills the air and you feel calm and relaxed. You see a boy sitting beneath a tree playing the flute. It is Lord Krishna. The peacock feather on his head glistens in the sun with beautiful shades of indigo blue and emerald green. The soft and gentle tune of the flute filters through your ears, touching each and every part of your body. You begin to sway to the wonderful sound of the music, you feel happy and your worries fade away. Lord Krishna’s smile is warm and welcoming as he waves his hand to guide you onwards.

As you continue walking through the forest, you can see in the distance a small wooden bridge. Up above is a beautiful blue sky, with cotton wool clouds. As they float by you can picture within them any animal you can think of. Now you are near the wooden bridge. You go and stand on the bridge and it feels solid. Underneath is a tranquil lake.

As you look down into the water you will see pink and white lotus flowers, blossoming from the depths of the lake. The lotus flowers are radiating bright light and beauty. Begin to visualise, with each of your breaths, a lotus flower gently spreading its petals open. As you breathe in and out, enjoy the flower, and relax.

Now you can see in the distance a most beautiful lady. It is Goddess Lakshmi. You follow a golden light and find her sitting on a large lotus flower, her golden crown shining from the reflection of the sun. As you approach her, she opens a chest filled with sparkling gems, pearls and gold coins. The golden light from the treasure fills you with an abundance of love and life. She blesses you with wealth, health and happiness. Then you continue your journey around the beautiful lake, the rays of the sun providing you with warmth and energy. You are feeling happy, calm and relaxed. 

You hear a swooping noise and your attention is drawn to the brilliant blue sky. You see the monkey god, the mighty Hanuman, leaping towards the golden sun, showing you his strength and bravery. As the sunlight reaches you, it fills you with strength and bravery. 

Ahead of you now the trees are covered with what looks like icing. Snow has created all sorts of unusual shapes and patterns. Your adventure is leading you to the majestic Himalayas. As you see the magnificent mountain at your feet, all around is openness, stillness, space and room to breathe. You take a deep breath and the air is fresh, cool and pure. The mountain range stretches high into the sky, its blinding white snow-capped peaks radiating hope and resilience. Now your feet crunch steadily over the snow making deep footprints. An air of calm comes over your body, relaxing you even more, so your body feels free and at ease.

The mighty Lord Shiva beckons you forward to join him in an even deeper meditation in the lotus pose. You sit with your feet crossed, breathing in deeply and letting all your worries dissolve in the glistening snow. You feel the power of Shiva and the Himalayas, making you feel more resilient, brave and confident.

Next to Lord Shiva is his son, Ganesh the elephant god. You visualise Ganesh with a large trunk, round belly and big ears, ears which help you listen to the words he says:

“I am blessed, I am brave . . . I can do anything if I try.”

“I grow my brain by learning new things.”

“When I fail, I say I can’t do it yet and try again.”

“I am strong, I am smart, I am capable.”

You listen to his words, and take them with you as he helps remove any obstacles on your journey back home as you return to your safe space.

Feel the release now of anything you no longer need to hold on to. Feel the openness within you. Start to move your fingers and toes, make yourself conscious of your body and the space around you. Count to five and slowly start to open your eyes and be in the moment, calm, relaxed and peaceful, ready to begin your day, or rest your head. Be aware of how you feel, where you have been, and if you followed the visualisation continue to feel the bliss and stillness of the moment.

Om shanti shanti shanti.

Written by: Neela Mistry (Holistic Therapist) and Sunita Shah Author

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