Going to school with The Jai Jais

Children’s life in school has changed so much during this Covid climate.  During lock down parents all over the world, had to take on a new role as teachers.  I know from my personal experience with my boys it definitely had its ups and downs!... but we all came through it, and it just brought us closer together.

So children.. why not take The Jai Jais with you to nursery and school, for fun and adventures in your day.


Request Goddess Saraswati ,The goddess of knowledge, music art and learning, to help and bless your day at school. May Saraswati help you to be wise and make the best choices. Seek her blessings to let your creativity flow, and to use your initiative.


Be like Ganesh with big listening ears, and focus on your attention and listening skills.  Listen to your friends and take turns. Most importantly listen carefully to instructions given by your teachers so you know what to do.  Never be afraid to put your hand up and ask for help if you do not understand. May Ganesh remove any obstacles in your day.


Be like Krishna full of energy and have fun.  Have fun at school with your friends. We all know Krishna can be cheeky! Cheeky but kind. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be flexible as things are changing all the time.


Be a loyal friend like Hanuman was to Rama.  Show your strength, bravery and resilience in your day. Make good and honest judgements. Show kindness, respect and be helpful.


Be like Lord Rama and his brothers, focus and concentrate on the tasks you have been given work hard and listen. Shoot the arrows of what you have learnt, in the right direction.  Show respect like Rama did to his family.


The goddess of wealth.  Work hard for the future, may goddess Lakshmi blesses you with abundance, so you will be happy, safe and content in life. Show empathy to all around you.


Ask Goddess Durga to bless you to learn lots of different activities. She has ten arms, and can do lots of things at once. If you find things tricky, it just means you can’t do things ‘yet’. May you always succeed with good thoughts and actions. Do not be scared to push yourself a little and take risks.


We all have our ups and down in learning sometimes.  We feel happy and sometimes we have wobbles, just like Kali ma when she lost control and stepped on Lord Shiva. It’s okay to have wobbles, take time out to reset, rebalance and off you go. You’ve got this


Be like Lord Shiva ambitious. We all need a little time out from learning and we need to find ways to relax.  Lord Shiva uses yoga and meditation, this is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of your day. Follow your dream and reach for the stars.

Have a fantastic day at school children!

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