Ganesh & Hanuman Duo - The Jai Jais

Ganesh & Hanuman Duo

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This is a wonderful start to your collection and journey with, The Jai Jais.  A perfect double set to introduce children to the beloved Lord Ganesh and the mighty and loyal Lord Hanuman.

Ganesh: Lord Ganesh is the god of wisdom, intelligence, luck, and fortune. He is the remover of obstacles, and is much loved by all. We always turn to Ganesh to help us on our way. Ganesh is the first book in the Jai Jais series introducing our beloved Ganesh in a form which is friendly and exciting for children.  

Hanuman – Lord Hanuman the Monkey God who is the symbol of courage, loyalty and wisdom. He is our beloved curly haired and golden coloured friend.  A loyal god who is strong and brave.  

These books are a great modern-day approach to teaching children or all diversities and background about Hindu gods. The books teach basic facts about the origins of the deities, their beginnings, and their symbolism.