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Educating  Generation

Educating Generation

I often get asked… How do you know so much, and where do you get your information from? Where do you learn from? How do you know what you write is correct? I even have a new title, “Jai Jais Masi”.

I am so blessed to have been brought up by my grandparents on my mother’s side, who I call Bapa and Ma.  My Bapa was my inspiration, when I was younger he would tell me stories of why Ganesh had an elephants head, why Hanuman could fly.  This was my initial introduction to our wonderful ancient stories.  My mum would tell me things growing up when we had festivals and fasting days, I was very inquisitive as a child… I guess that’s where my children get it from! I feel our generation tend to question things more, why do we pray to the cooker, why do we ring a bell? My grandparents would sit with family in the villages and share the stories, yet I feel they skipped a generation with my parents, they would not questions the rituals they would just join in!